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James A. Russell Award

(Formerly the Wilford Memorial Award)

2016 Mr. Ira Smith, Action Pak, Inc.

2015 Mr. Jose L. Moralez, Logistics Readiness Center, Joint Base - Lewis McChord

2014 Mr. Gary Sharon, LITCO Internationl, Inc.

2013 Not Awarded, Training Cancelled

2012 Mr. John Gerrish, Airpack, Inc.

2011 Mr. Ira J. Smith, ActionPak Inc.

2008 Mr. Drew Graham Hardy-Graham, Inc.

2007 Mr. Jason B. Runell U.S. Army, Picatinny Arsenal

2006 Peter Spokowski Packaging Solutions, LLC

2005 Franklin Guerrero (Retired) Defense Contract Management Agency

2004 Roger G. Young, Sr.

2003 Vishwa “Vic” Khanna Army – ARDEC

2002 Dr. Robert H. Clarke Michigan State University

2001 Dr. Bruce R. Hart Michigan State University

2000 Jerry D. Stone National Classification Committee

1999 Thomas M. Hinkley Army Tank & Automotive Command

1998 F. Douglas Wilson Dow Chemical Company

1997 Larry A. Wood Air Force Material Command

1996 George M. Arnold Arnold's Factory Supplies

1995 Jim R. Johnston Johnston's Consulting Svc.

1994 James D. Connors Sealed Air Corporation

1993 Arthur A. Favory Magnavox Corporation

1992 Elmer L. Kuhlman Honeywell, Inc.

1991 Charles P. Hutter School of Military Pkg Technology

1990 John A. Schmuff Westinghouse Electric Corporation

1989 Steven P. Miteff U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

1988 Robert W. Lewis Sealed Air Corporation

1987 Barbara A. Johnson General Services Administration

1987 Barbara A. Johnson General Services Administration

1986 Barbara A. Johnson General Services Administration

1985 Alvin V. Anceravage Naval Sea Systems Command

1984 John P. Neubauer Naval Supply Systems Command

1983 Franklin P. Basford Naval Sea Systems Command

1982 Glenn E. Stephan Air Transport Association

1981 V. Elizabeth Foster Naval Supply Systems Command

1980 Thomas M. Bacon General Services Administration

1979 Francis E. Gardner U.S. Postal Service

1978 Norman E. Griffin U.S. Postal Service

1977 James A. Russell General Services Administration

1976 Dewar L. Allen The 3M Company

1975 Robert S. Leonard National Classification Board

1974 Leonard L. Barol Leonard-Lincoln-Barol Associates

1973 Vern I. McCarthy, Jr. Vulcan Containers, Inc

1972 Robert C. Young Naval Supply Systems Command

1971 Henry R. Pellegrino Department of Defense-Pentagon

1970 C.Y. Best Joint Military Packaging Training Center

1969 Anthony F. Calapristi Naval Air Systems Command

1968 Paul C. Larmour Lockheed Missile & Space Company