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CAGE Code: 4HMK6

Logistics Award

2014 Mr. David Hagood

2013 Not Awarded, Training Cancelled

2012 Mr. James D. Mott, USAMC LOGSA PSCC.

2011 Mr. Al Levinstein, Os2 Corporation

2008 Jacob O. Hunt DLA, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia John C.

2007 Mr. Norman Giolito DLA Defense Supply Center Columbus

2006 Dr. Paul Singh MSU's School of Packaging

2005 Donald H. Myers Naval Air Systems Command

2004 Michael D. Werneke Air Force Material Command

2003 William J. Ritter Northrop Grumman Corporation

2002 Arvilla Molock Defense Contract Mgmt. Agency

2001 Linda E. McCarthy Defense Logistics Agency

2000 Theodorus J. "Ted" Hollanders Defense Logistics Agency

1999 Becky B. Barker (Retired) Defense Logistics Agency

1998 David T. Sanson, (Retired) Army Aviation Systems Command

1997 Frank A. Niehaus Naval Surface Warfare Center

1996 Larry J Franks School of Military Pkg Technology

1995 Mary Ann Snyder Army Material Command

1994 Carl D. Sullivan Air Force-The Pentagon (Retd)

1993 Donald J. Bowersox, Ph.D. Michigan State University

1992 Gerald E. Garrison General Dynamics

1991 Oscar L. Lollis Army Material Command

1990 Frank A. Sechrist Ships Parts Control Center

1989 Dorothy A. Tuck Air Force Logistics Command

1988 Raymond P. Luyet Army Material Command

1987 Donald B. Danner Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps

1986 Jack P. Bartley Office of Asst Secretary of Defense, Pentagon

1985 Norman C. Barstow, Jr Hardigg Industries

1984 W.C. Young Westinghouse Electric Corporation

1983 Michael W. Noll Defense Logistics Agency

1982 James A. Jackson American Air Lines

1981 James S. Hardigg Hardigg Industries

1980 Michael Bebel Naval Air Engineering Center

1979 Victor E. Carew Naval Supply Systems Command

1978 Clay Bernard, II Systems International

1977 Paul M. Boyer Westinghouse Electric Corporation

1976 Frank A. Niehaus U.S. Naval Ordnance Depot-Crane

1975 David K. Eary General Services Administration

1974 Joseph F. Brugh Naval Logistics Engineering Group

1973 Dr. Shelton A. London U.S. Air Force-Wright-Patterson Aerospace Laboratory

1972 Charles E. Emberger Naval Supply Systems Command

1971 Theodore B. Gudis Defense Contract Administration

1970 William F. Goddard, Jr. U.S. Department of Agriculture

1969 Col. Vernon C. Ramberg U.S. Army Material Command