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CAGE Code: 4HMK6

Packaging Award

2015 Mr. Terry Phillips, DLA Distribution Oklahoma City, OK

2014 Mr. Craig Brindle, 407th AFSB/LRC, Supply and Services Division

2013 Not Awarded, Training Cancelled

2012 Sealed Air/NASA Shuttle Team

2011 Mrs. Anna Boulware, MPak, Inc.

2008 Deborah Dee Thompson DLA Defense Supply Center Columbus

2007 Loretta F. Connors DLA Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia

2006 Marian Julian DCMA, Boston, MA

2005 Frank A. Sechrist (retired) Ships Parts Control Center

2004 Larry H. Finley Defense Logistics Agency

2003 Robert A. Dress Naval Weapons Station Earle

2002 William O. Irby Defense Logistics Agency

2001 Hance L. Barnett Defense Logistics Agency

2000 Charlotte A. Collins Defense Logistics Agency

1999 Doris M. Hafner Defense Logistics Agency

1998 Joseph J. Raevis Naval Weapons Station Earle

1997 Frank J. Magnifico, Jr. Naval Air Warfare Center

1996 Joann R. Hines Women in Packaging

1995 John D. Hartsall Army Material Command

1994 Thomas B. Wilson Army Tank-Automotive Command

1993 William R. Armstrong Sealed Air Corporation

1992 Robert McGill Army Material Command

1991 Thomas R. Major Packaging Consultant

1990 Joseph C. Maloney, Jr. Defense Logistics Agency

1989 Joseph J. Burrowes Packoil Company

1988 Charles R. Goerth Attorney at Law

1987 Donald J. Walker Textile Bag Manufacturers Association

1986 Dr. Diana Twede Michigan State University

1985 Dr. Aaron L. Brody Container Corporation of America

1984 Gerald L. Schultz Army Natick Research & Development Cntr

1983 Toshio Oishi Naval Sea Systems Command

1982 A.W. Hoffman Fibre Box Association

1981 Alfred H. McKinlay General Electric Company

1980 Ernest L. Mangum, Jr. U.S. Department of Agriculture

1979 R. Bruce Holmgren Editor, Package Engineering Magazine

1978 Caryl E. Twitchell The 3M Company

1977 Gordon S. Mustin Naval Ordnance Systems Command

1976 Heber K. Angell U.S. Air Force – Wright Patterson AFB

1975 Stanley R. Jankowski, Jr. Joint Military Packaging Training Center

1974 Harry G. Wood Hewlett Packard Company

1973 Willard L. Newman General Electric Company

1972 Dr. James W. Goff Michigan State University

1971 Lt. Col. Paul L. Peoples U.S. Air Force Headquarters

1970 Charles A. Lewis Department of Commerce

1969 William G. Kurtz Defense Supply Agency

1968 Harry A. Lockwood Driaire, Inc.

1967 Phillip J. Smith Naval Ammunition Depot-Crane

1966 Herbert M. Lapidus Naval Supply Systems Command

1965 Edward G. Borkehagen Army Supply & Maintenance Command

1964 E.P. Toreger Douglas Aircraft Company

1963 [No Award Made]

1962 Kenneth Brown Space Technology Laboratories

1961 Leslie C. Heller Office of Naval Material

1960 Neil A. Fowler General Box Company