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2015 Training Speakers List

2015 NIPHLE Annual Training

“Back to the Basics of Packaging”

Picatinny Arsenal, NJ
May 4-7


NIPHLE is excited to announce our confirmed speakers for the upcoming NIPHLE annual training. We hope you have already marked your calendar and plan on attending! If you have not registered yet, you can either register on our web site, request an invoice, or call me and pay by phone. Hope to see you at the training!

Tuesday May, 5th:

KEY NOTE SPEAKER - Mr. Paul Peters, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Supply Chain Integration
Topic - Logistics and Materiel Readiness.

Mr. John F. Hedderich III, Director of Picatinny
Topic – Welcome Message and ARDEC overview of technical achievements in military packaging and logistics.

Mr. Jim Whatley, Vice President Corporate Communications and Sustainability
Topic: Wall Street and Sustainability.

Mr. Bob Vermillion, CEO, President, and CTO/Director of Engineering
Topic: Suspect Counterfeit Materials, Electronic Components & Packaging Issues in the Global Supply Chain.

Mr. Bob Van Scaak/Mr. Art Stanton, Senior PHST Engineer/Systems Engineering Branch
Topic: Navy and Handling Packaging Problems and future endeavors and challenges.

Mr. Ken Zimms, G1 Director
Topic: The DOD’s Center of Excellence for Munitions and Weapons Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation.

Mr. John Gerrish, Airpack, Inc.
Topic: U.S. DOT & Department of Defense Hazardous Materials Regulatory Update.

Mr. Justin Streeter, M-Pak, Inc.
Topic: Doing business with GSA.


Wednesday May 6th:

Mr. Eban Bayer, President of Ecovative
Topic: Sustainable Mushroom Packaging.

Mr. Mike Ryan, Director of Chemical Operations: Pitney Bowes
Topic: The Chemistry of Paper.

Mr. Hae Chang Gea, Chair and Program Director Rutgers University
Topic: Topology Optimization Method and Packaging Design.

Mr. Laszio Horvath, PhD. Asst. Professor of Practice Director
Topic: General Properties and uses of Pallets made of Different Materials.

Mr. Jay Bolus, President, Certification Services
Topic: Cradle to Cradle® Innovation & leadership.

Mr. Mark White, President, White and Company, LLC
Topic: Improving the Efficiency of Global Supply Chains Using Systems Based Design.

Mr. Paul Wherry, Director of Design
Topic: TBD

Mr. Ron Sledzieski, DIM Weight
Topic: New UPS and Fed Ex regulations


Thursday, May 7:

Mr. John Mechlion, President Complete Packaging
Topic: Dynamics of Foam Fabrication

Defense Packaging Policy Group (DPPG)
Introduction, Service overview, Panel discussion, and overview from DPPG members on recent policy changes. Will provide forum for attendees Q&A.

Mr. Sean Kerins, NIPHLE President, National NIPHLE Meeting


Please note, this speaker list may change depending on any issues/problems with any of our currently scheduled speakers.

We also have a tour set-up of the Army ARDEC and Navy PHS&T facilities!


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